• Rok Jenko

    Web Developer

  • What I do and Why


    Internet ... An enormous collection of data.

    It has never been as easy to process so much information and create new products out of them. It gives competitive advantage to companies. It simplifies lives.

    I've been creating web crawlers for years, connecting them to smart algorithms and well thought out frameworks to create products which structure web information into new shapes never seen before.

    My mission is to improve our lives by creating web technologies never before thought possible

  • What I do and Why


    On the other, darker side of the coin we are constantly being monitored online. It's never been harder to stay anonymous surfing the web ever since the beginning of information era.

    I've written many programs that make sure individuals have anonymous and safe internet access.

    We need to make sure individual users stay safe from the prying eyes.

  • Fields of expertise and used technologies

    • P
      mostly Linux and open source
    • P
      Php & Frameworks
      Laravel, CakePHP, WordPress
    • L
      Computer Languages
      JavaScript, Python, Php, C
    • J
      JavaScript, Backbone.js, AngularJS
    • A
      Anonymity online
      throug proxying and encryption
    • W
      Web Scraping
      self written scraping platforms
  • Contact

    Rok Jenko

    Email: rok@rokjenko.com